Example of a Successful Proposal

Would you like to know how to develop a successful proposal for funding for your creative project? Jim has the inside scoop. Check out his example of an unready proposal and then his demonstration of a ready proposal.

A Grant Proposal for a Youth Artist Art Faire p1

proposal p2Here are some prompts and questions that are often asked of proposal writers by the review board after reviewing proposals. They may help clarify what it is useful for you to communicate to us.
• What is your role in your organization?
• Who else and how many will be involved and how often?
• Are you studying systems, making comparisons, monitoring, doing inquiries, etc.?
• What is the role of students in the project?
• What specific activities will participants engage in?
• How many field trips? How often at site?
• Names and roles of partners?
• Have you asked partners for assistance in funding?
• Do you need agency approvals for physical work at site?
• Are your students engaging in self-directed inquiry?
• Will your students compare their school site to a nearby reference site?
• How will students use the equipment?
• Will your students present their findings? If so, to whom?