Creators and their Stories

Erin D

Artist and Entrepreneur: Erin Dengerink

Erin has been an active member of the Vancouver Arts Scene for many years. Here is more about this talented local arts leaders:

Erin Dengerink is involved in the arts in multiple ways.

She is an artist, educator, curator, and entrepreneur. Her work has been seen in the Pacific Northwest at Angst, the Lodge, Disjecta, Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art, Tacoma’s Spaceworks, and others. She has been an artist in residents at: Caldera, the Vancouver Organization on Contemporary Art (VOCA), and Rainmaker.

In 2015 she presented a solo exhibit and a series of workshops at Pacific University in Forest Grove OR, participated in group exhibits at the North Bank Artists Gallery and the Chase Gallery, and completed a large scale public art mural with glass artist Jane Cote, which can be seen at the Children’s Center.

Dengerink is currently Curator in Residence for Vancouver’s City Hall and the owner of Dengerink Art Supplies – Vancouver’s only independently owned art supply store.

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