About Us

The concept behind Clark Creativity Support developed over months of meetings of a small group of arts advocates. They saw a need for a central resource for Clark County’s creative community. Developing a website with articles, links, referrals, and statistical information to use in advocacy seemed like the straightest path towards their mission.  We can be contacted directly at clark.creativity@gmail.com.

CCS has five goals:

1. Referrals for regional professional development resources in topics like marketing, grant writing, fundraising, leadership development, and business plan development.

2. Provide resources to help creative business owners with budget writing, professional referrals, nonprofit start ups, and business start ups.

3. Communicate about creative community events and activities.

4. Identify artists and other creative professionals doing great work in the community and celebrate their successes.

5. Provide advocacy for the creative community with the economic community and local government.

We are volunteer run and these resources are free to everyone. Please help us to get the word out by sharing this site with your friends. Become part of the conversation by leaving your comments.


Jim Martin is a retired biologist, educator and environmental activist. He is also an artist and writer, and worked with Gallery 360 on arts education for at-risk youth for several years. He was a grant reviewer for environmental education programs for nonprofits and municipal governments.

Jamie photo  Jamie Lutz is the owner of Shipyard Millie’s Vintage in Vancouver, WA. She is a former president of Gallery 360 in the Vancouver Arts District. She is also a fine artist.

voting me   Maureen Montague is a board member at North Bank Artists and the organizer for the Vancouver Arts District. She also writes and makes art.

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