Benefits of a Creative Community

Sharing trade secrets is one of many reasons artists need to be around other artists. Receiving the gifts of encouragement and feedback also empowers us to improve our craft, innovate, and be brave. The best work ever done has been in artist communities. Also, a little friendly competition is good for one’s skills. We all want to be proud of our work and keep up with our peers.

What a group of committed people can accomplish together greatly outstrips anything an individual can do on her own. In the arts community, we simply need many brains and hands at work to hang shows, host receptions, participate in community outreach, and develop and implement programs. It takes a team of artists to maintain a creative community; and it requires like-minded people to successfully do this together.

Artists need each other, and when we find each other, we can achieve anything we put our minds to. Artists must gather: in person, on line, at events, and on projects. Collectivism and connectivity are the threads that pull us together and enable us to make good things happen.